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Its July 17th in Port Chicago, California.  A cool summer Friday night at a munitions naval base just 30 miles north of  San Francisco.  The year is 1944, segregation in the United States is prevalent and World War II is in full swing.  African American soldiers are being pushed by their commanders to load ammunition and other explosives onto two  large ships.  Not one of these men have been properly trained to handle dangerous cargo. At approximately 10:17pm,  something went terribly wrong.  Explosion after explosion! So fierce, it shook the ground with the force of an earthquake.  Knocking out windows and shaking buildings as far east as Boulder City, Nevada.  That night Port Chicago was changed forever, as 320 seamen lost their lives. What happened next is even more mind-boggling than the explosion itself.  You're now treading waters filled with chaos, anger, blame, finger pointing, and more importantly guilt.  Now one officer in the higher rank was willing to take responsibility for this tragedy.

What happened that cool summer night?  How did it happen and why?

Meet the seamen before, during and after that fated night.  The dramatic story is told through the eyes of one of the survivors, Freddie Meeks.

Come and witness this powerful presentation of Port Chicago 50.

I dare you!

Some Strong Language Used

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